Ceramic Window Tinting

Windshields Taking a Beating? Why You Need Windshield Repair and Replacement

Windshields play a critical role in protecting us as we drive, but they also take quite a beating from debris on the road. Over time, chips and cracks inevitably develop which can compromise safety and visibility. Here at OC Windshields, we provide a range of services to help keep your windshield in top condition so you can drive with confidence.

Window tinting is an excellent way to not only protect your interior from fading but also help reduce glare and heat inside the vehicle for a more comfortable driving experience. Our ceramic tinting options provide enhanced benefits over traditional metalized films. Ceramic tint contains infrared-blocking nanoparticle technology that offers superior heat rejection. Some key benefits of our ceramic tints include: 

– Blocks up to 70% of incoming heat and UV rays to keep your interior cooler

– Reduces fading on upholstery and dashboards caused by sun damage

– Scratch-resistant and will not discolor over time like metalized films

– Variety of light transmission options ranging from 15%-35% allowing you to control visibility and privacy

– Lifetime warranty guarantees your tint maintains clarity and effectiveness for years of use

The installation process is quick and removal causes no damage to your glass and windows. We also offer a protective coating to help maintain the tint’s appearance. Ceramic window tinting from OC Windshields provides maximum protection from the sun’s harmful effects to keep you comfortable all year long.

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