PPF/Paint Protection Film

With Paint Protection Film (PPF) from OC Windshields, you can give your vehicle’s paint and other exterior vulnerable surfaces unmatched protection from chips, scratches, and damaging UV radiation. Our precision-cut PPF film provides:

 – Coverage of exposed areas like the front clip, mirror caps, and other leading painted edges prone to damage

– Crystal clear film that preserves your vehicle’s look without any visual interference

– Premium self-healing characteristics that help restore the film’s surface when minor scratches occur

– UV protection to maintain paint vividness and prevent fading and deterioration

– Pricing includes expert installation to ensure perfect application, especially around moldings and edges

By shielding vulnerable areas, PPF can prevent expensive repairs down the road. It also makes your vehicle much easier to maintain, saving you time spent on paint correction from swirl marks and contaminants. Extend the lifelike new look and value of your ride with protective PPF film solutions.

 Your windshield takes a daily beating on the road. Trust the experts at OC Windshields to repair, replace, or protect it with our range of auto glass services.

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